Reach the optimal balance in trading

Financial markets are subject to ebbs and flows of trends. Capixal equips online traders with a range of trading tools, highly customizable environment, two feature-rich platforms, and the latest financial instruments to ensure the optimal balance on the trading scene. Join Capixal and explore multiple opportunities which are generated every day by the market movements.

A variety that creates equilibrium

Diversification is the strategy many traders turn to in order to hedge risks associated with their market activities. Capixal offers financial derivatives on 350+ assets, so you can pick and choose among derivatives on stocks, indices, commodities, or currencies and balance out your portfolio.


Become a part of a well-known global market by exploring financial derivatives on stocks of famous companies. Explore the potential generated by the “roller-coaster” price movements and see how derivatives might be used to participate in any emerging trend. Connect to Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, Facebook, Zoom, Google, and other big market players via the means of derivative trading. Explore lesser-known companies or get a little of both worlds to balance out your portfolio.


Engage with the world’s oldest stores of value by trading financial derivatives on gold, silver, coffee, oil, gas, and other commodities. Venture into new territories by exploring derivatives on soft commodities, including cocoa and soybeans. Try to extract the potential of the assets that quite literary power the world and see how they may change your trading.


Is it possible to get a slice of a whole industry or even the economy of an entire country without following hundreds of stocks? Yes, that is exactly what indices are made for. Initially used to survey market performance, indices were transformed into a powerful market tool by the appearance of financial derivatives. Trade derivatives on NASDAQ, FTSE, S&P500, and others and try to garner the new prospects that these assets may hold.


Become a part of a well-known global market by exploring financial derivatives on fiat and digital currencies. Tune into the live markets and try navigate the waves that are common to this trading environment by employing diverse analytic tools provided by Capixal to read the markets. Join now and harness the potential hidden in the ever-changing currency seas.

Well-rounded tool kit to buffer market blows

The path to your financial vision can be a bumpy road. We give you all the tools to fight the market turmoil and keep your balance, and it’s only up to you to decide whether you are ready for the challenge. When you are, gear up with these features and aim for your goals:

Connection to the award-winning MT4 platform

Financial derivatives on hundreds of assets

access to the market

Market newsletter & major events reviews

Strict identity and transaction data protection

Dedicated support team ready to respond

Diverse analytic tools and visual objects

Stop-loss orders for precise portfolio control*

* Stop loss may not be guaranteed at set price under certain market conditions

The vast majority of retail investor accounts lose money when trading financial derivatives with this provider.

Education materials for a balanced stance

The ebb and flow of market trends can confuse even the most experienced traders. It is crucial to constantly update your knowledge and sharpen your skills in order to make fact-based decisions. Capixal provides you with all the means necessary to develop trading skills and competencies.

Visit our education center to acquire new information about various trading strategies, peculiarities of asset types, and obstacles that you may face in the financial arena. Pick an information medium that suits your learning style best:

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    Trading signals

Make sure to play up your market analysis technique by visiting the Economic Calendar and Report Season Calendar tabs to be updated on major upcoming events. Also, turn checking the Daily News tab into a routine, so you are always in tune with what’s going on in the financial world.

Two platforms precisely tuned to your trading style

Having the upper hand on the markets sometimes comes down to several seconds needed to execute an order. Capixal equips you with two robust trading terminals packed with features for instant market access and precise execution of your strategy. Pick the one that suits your style and try to overcome challenges the market throws at you.

Metatrader 4

Choose a software solution tested by time and hailed by many traders – Metatrader 4. Take advantage of precise market tools and handy visual objects, including 30 built-in technical indicators, 23 analytical objects, 9 order timeframes, and interactive charts to read the markets and balance out your strategy. Download Metatrader 4 to your PC, notebook, or Mac to tune into the lively markets and pursue your financial vision.

Web Trader

Do you prefer a little more maneuverability on the markets? Don’t tie yourself to a single working station – turn any device into your robust trading terminal. With Web Trader, you can access the full history of trades, a variety of order execution modes, and one-click market operations from your favorite browser without any preliminary downloads. Get a trading grip without the constraints of a certain PC. Tune into the lively financial scene wherever you are with a full toolkit at your disposal.

Join a spectacular balancing act

Overcoming the pitfalls of international markets is no easy feat. Capixal provides traders with all the tools necessary to thoroughly research the markets, pick a suitable account type, find derivatives they are interested in, and take a balanced market stance.

While surmounting the waves of the trading sea can be challenging and risky, it also generates nearly endless potential opportunities traders can try to tackle. Start trading with Capixal and get access to 350+ derivatives, 30+ analytic objects, and 24/7 trading to keep optimal balance in trading.